Kazimierz Jędrzejczak (Kazik)

Kazik Jędrzejczak as a kid

Kazik w pracy

Od 35 lat w Toronto. Od 2012 na emeryturze.

Pracował 32 lata w Ontario Centre of Forensic Sciences. Zajmował się toksykologią.

1967 - M.Sc.

1972 - Ph.D.

1973-1975 – Zakład Ochrony Pracy, UAM, adiunkt

1975-1979 – Instytut Chemii Przemyslowej, adiunkt, Warszawa

1979 Imigrated to Canada

1979-1992 - the Occupational Health Laboratory, the Ontario Ministry of Labour, Development Scientist, Toronto.

He developed new methods for collection and analyses of unstable volatile analytes using polymeric reagents for derivatization in situ.

1993-2012 In 1993 he was offered a position as forensic toxicologist at the Centre of Forensic Sciences, Toronto. He was responsible for analyses of body fluids to determine the presence or absence of drugs or poisons to determine the cause of death. His expert results were often presented at Canadian courts. He has published over 20 scientific papers in his field.

2012 Retired.

Kazik is a passionate lover of opera, traveling around the world to join the audience of many performances. Since 2006 he has contributed over 50 articles to Muzyka21, a classical music magazine published in his native Poland. On many occasions, he has offered popular lectures at the Toronto Opera Club, such as: Potions, Poisons and Passions in Opera.

Currently he is working on a book in Polish: Lubczyk, trucizna i namiętność w operze.

As a volunteer, during 1992-2002, he was President of The Polish Canadian AIDS Alliance. Thanks to grants from the Canadian government this organization helped to organize AIDS prevention in Poland and Ukraine.

For his volunteer involvement in 2000 he has received the MILLENIUM HERO AWARD from the Metropolitan Community Church. He likes to travel and on his bucket list still has over 98 places to visit. He lives in Toronto.

Kazimierz Jędrzejczak Kazik Jędrzejczak w atelier opery Kazimierz Jędrzejczak

Dr Kazimierz Jędrzejczak
Kazimierz Jędrzejczak lives in Toronto

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